Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shame Shame on you A-Rod

Well well what do you know, A-Rod is now A-Roid.  He admitted to taking steroids or some other performance enhancing drug while he was a Texas Ranger.  He's lucky that Walker Texas Ranger doesn't come to NY often or he'd deliver a roundhouse kick to his face.  I've never liked A-Rod from his salary demands, to fussing with Derek Jeter, to fucking around on his wife with Madonna.  I'm just glad that the rest of the world joins me now in my hatred of A-Roid.  This guy is fucking scum and always has been and today just proves it. As a matter of fact, let's just make A-Rod my asshole of the week.  I know it's only Monday night/early Tuesday, but I don't see anyone else topping A-Rod this week.  

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1 comment:

Jim Schmaltz said...

He's lied time after time and now we are supposed to believe that he only did it 2001-2003. Why believe him now when he is a proven liar?