Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pre-Order list complete

I preordered MLB09 The Show, Killzone 2, Tom Clancy Hawx, and FEAR 2 this morning to have me set up at least thru the end of March. I'll gamefly the rest. On the Gamefly list at list is Eat Lead. I didn't pre-order it because while it looks hillarious, I'm not sure how it plays and at $60, I'm not taking that chance. Also noticeably missing, Resident Evil 5. After playing the demo and dealing with the tank controls, I'll wait for Gamefly. If I wanted to drive a fucking tank, I'd play COD, MOH, or some other WWII shooter. Sorry, but the control fucking suck. I can understand you don't want people to shoot while walking, but jesus at least give us decent controls. I'll gamefly it and see if I can deal with the controls long enough to make it thru the game either thru single player or co-op. I'm not buying Street Fighter simply due to the fact that I don't like fighting games.

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