Saturday, February 14, 2009

Grey's/Private Practice Crossover Episodes

The episode of Grey's was very good and continued their good episode streak as far as I was concerned. It was fantastic to see Addison back in Seattle Grace and the Private Practice characters were at least tolerable. I cheated a bit on the Private Practice episode (I fast forwarded to the Seattle Grace parts and ignored the Private Practice parts, as I've said before, I watched the first season of Private Practice hoping it would get better and it never did). It seems we're getting closer and closer to Izzie's condition being revealed, and it was nice to see Bailey chewing ass on both of the Private Practice doctors. Is it wrong of me to want Private Practice gone so we can get Addision back to Seattle Grace as soon as possible? It was nice to see Derek and Addison working together on a case again as well as seeing Addison back in the OR at Seattle Grace again. The sad thing to me is that it takes the characters of Grey's to make Private Practice watchable. I've always felt even in the first season of Private Practice that Addison was out of place on that show and she belongs on Grey's.

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salina said...

it was a good episode, i didn't like how all of a sudden it kinda made it seem like there be something there with addison and derek still. i thought they were long over! and now all of a sudden sadie doesnt like know anything, i think they kinda messed up bringing her on and didnt know how to fix it or something. and i really like private practice!i think it has gotten a lot better!