Sunday, August 24, 2008

Clearing some things up

Well after a few emails yesterday from supporters of our Lord and Saviour Barack Obama to the blog email address, I'd like to make a couple of things clear. I'm neither a "McCain" guy nor a member of the Republican Party. See that link over to the right with Bob Barr's picture on it? The one right below the Kidd Chris clock and the one right above the ASPCA logo? I'm a Libertarian and have been for quite a while. I feel that the two party system in this country is a failure on the grandest scale and our electoral system has become nothing more than a popularity contest where one candidate sees who can promise the most to the most people to get elected. If readers would look back over the annals of this blog, you'd see that I slam Republicans and Democrats equally. I detest both of them equally. The real questions is, should I expect members of the Democratic party to actually read when "Screaming Howard Dean" is one of the heads of their party?

Maybe once our Lord and Saviour Barack Obama is elected, he can strike me down with his staff for blasphemy. I'm sure that would make quite a few of you happy. I just feel that the "Candidate for Change" went right back with the old Washington guard once he had the opportunity. "Change" is just a slogan on his bumper stickers, not something he's actually doing. Typical bullshit Washington Politics.

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