Friday, June 27, 2008

Hmmm Sounds a bit familiar

While doing my daily web surfing I came upon these two links and started laughing.Democratic Lawmakers Asked about “Hot Sluts” and “Hand Jobs”
Important Congressional Conference Call Discusses ‘Hand Jobs’ And ‘Hot Sluts’
Hmm Conference call audio-Questions-check"

When the phone call was opened up for questions, the operator announced a caller claiming to be from the radio show Money Talks. The “journalist” proceeded to ask an obscene and offensive question: “Where in the next ten years do you see college students getting more hot sluts?” The representatives of the conference call seemed dumbfounded and not entirely sure if it was a slip up on the caller’s part or a serious question. When it became apparent that the caller was being rude and not asking about the new law, the call was dropped and the operator moved on.

Unfortunately, the same thing happened with the next caller: “Senator, how can we get blind people to stop leaving crumbs everywhere?” Noticeably shocked, the representatives again refused to answer the question. The caller reacted by angrily yelling, “No! You will answer the question!”

Then it happened again with the next two callers. One asked how we could increase the percentage of hand jobs, while the the other queried about similar sexual exploits."

It sounds like our boys may be doing just fine. If it is them and not just some cheap imposter, then I cannot wait to hear the audio.

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