Saturday, May 24, 2008


First of all happy 3rd birthday to my nephew Lucas and happy 8th birthday to my niece Teagan. I can almost guarantee (and I hope) that neither of them are reading this blog but I wanted to wish them happy birthday anyways. Lucas was born on May 17th and Teagan was born on June 2 (which is also my wedding anniversary haha), so unfortunately I'll forever be reminded of my wedding on my niece's birthday forever.

Ashley got a kitten this morning and I think it may help me deal with losing my Wee Man (my youngest cat lost in the separation). She's a cute little kitten who was aptly named Jazz. I get to go home today at 1pm and pull out some stuff that my turkeys won't play with anymore to give to Jazz. As I've said before, I love dogs, but cats are my absolute favorite animals. There's nothing to bring you down to earth quite like a cat and they're just as funny when they are kittens. There's nothing quite liking seeing a ball of fur slide by and thinking "oh shit what is she getting into now". Kittens are so mischievous and I've missed being around a kitten. For the record, out all of the stuff that's happened in the last few months, I miss Jerry, Jed, and Wee Man a great deal. There is absolutely no pet quite like Faith (aka the Doodlebug). She knows that she's her dad's favorite and she acts like it as well. I can almost guarantee that there is no animal on earth as spoiled as Faith is, and I'll spoil her till she's gone to the bridge.

Well that's all for now. Have a good one everyone.

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