Friday, May 16, 2008

No Kidd Chris Birthday Show

From reading the Underbelly forums, the birthday show is cancelled and the show is in "best of" this mornings. No one is sure what this means, and it's been speculated that there was a death or someone at CBS pissed off Chris. My guess is that someone at CBS pissed off Chris. I'm sure we'll hear what it was about later and I sure hope that is nothing, but when it comes to CBS Radio, one can never be too sure. Remember this is the company that did nothing but piss Howard off and made him run off to Sirius and I'm sure they're going to do the same to Chris. CBS radio is run by Goddamned idiots from top to bottom. They failed to realize what a talent they had with Howard and they've failed to realize the same with Chris as well. Chris has no affliation deal, yet I'm listening in Knoxville, TN and others are listening from Sacremento, San Antonio, NYC, and other places all across America. Come on CBS Radio, don't do the same thing with Chris that you did with Howard. You have a true gem and you're going to lose it as well.

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Chris said...

he was fired

shouldn't have had racist idiots on teh show so much