Friday, May 16, 2008

My Thoughts on the Kidd Chris firing.

I promised this earlier today and now I feel I'm ready to write it. A warning to anyone reading, this one will have lots of bad language so go to Yahoo now if you're offended by bad language. I was checking my logs today and I've had roughly 2000 hits since this morning.

I've been a loyal listener of Kidd Chris for almost a year.(I started listening last year right after the Birthday Show) I first heard about Kidd Chris on Howard Stern when he kept calling Gary Dell'abate about the Sopranos and thought I'd give him a listen. Well I gave him a lot more than a listen and became a devoted fan and didn't miss a single show. When the station blew up in September I checked daily to see if and when Chris would return and when they put the countdown up, I placed it on my myspace as well as this blog. When Chris moved to mornings, I listened to him and heard Stern on the replay. There is no better form of entertainment than Chris's show. It's been hitting on all cylinders since the move to mornings and it's sad to see it come to a screeching halt thanks to a load of bullshit.

People can call Chris and the gang racists, but if you make fun of all races including your own, does that really make you a racist? I don't think so at all. This post will be a simple tribute to each member of the show. I certainly hope that the show moves on in one form or another and hope it's on a station where each and everyone of his fans can listen whether that be Sirius or another FM station with online streaming. I'm praying for Sirius and I hope that Nogg, Thomas, Rock Hard, Lerch and Special X can make their way over as well.

I've been so bummed out today and I know I'll really be bummed Monday at 6am when I don't hear "The Game" by Motorhead. The Kidd Chris Show is simply the best radio show in the country as far as I'm concerned and I loved listening every single day. Chris and the gang brought me thru some hard times. When my wife left, the first thing I did was turn on the show and began to laugh. No matter how much shit was going on in my life, I knew I'd have a smile on my fat little face for four hours a day and would forget about everything bad in my life for that amount of time. I've thanked both Kidd Chris and Howard Stern on this blog many times along with countless friends for helping me survive the last few months. I truly feel that if not for that four hour block of the day I might not have made it as easily as I have made it.

The fact of the matter is that CBS radio fucked up in their decision and their handling of Chris, much in the same way that CBS Radio fucked up with Howard Stern. As I said above, is it really racist when you make fun of every race in the world? I don't think so, and I fail to see how it took them two months to come to this decision, and I also fail to see the point in the decision. What CBS deemed as "racial content" on the show was gone and hadn't happened in quite some time. The fact of the matter was that Chris was fast approaching Preston and Steve and I'd have given it one to two more books before he might have caught or passed them. The brand of on the edge radio that Chris and the gang did was working and it was showing in the ratings. Remember though, this is the same company that suspended Howard Stern, wouldn't give Howard his tapes, tried to sue him for mentioning Sirius on their airwaves, brought in David Lee Roth to replace Stern, decided that an all talk format would be good for several markets, and then fired David Lee Roth just a few months into his gig. Pardon the French, but what a bunch of goddamned idiots. It's no wonder your radio division is losing so much money, you have a bunch of goddamned idiots running it.

I know that wherever Chris goes, Thomas will go as well but I hope that Metro, DJ Eggnog, Rock Hard,, Lurch, the Cripples, Connie and Cheeseburger can be involved as well. Expect a tribute to the show at some point in the next couple of days. It's a sad day in Philly as well as a sad day in my household as well. It's just like losing touch with friends. As Slim said in his interview with me, it's just like listening to your friends and I couldn't agree more.

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