Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wednesday Thoughts

I'm still in love with the Blackjack II. If I had known this thing was this cool, I would have gotten one ages ago. There's just so much you can do with this thing, it's crazy. There's a program you can download to listen to Sirius and I was rocking Howard Stern this morning on my phone. I get all my email from my various home and work accounts and can even post to blogger as evidenced by the test message yesterday. It's just a truly incredible device. The battery life is great considering how much I used it yesterday. I'm finding new stuff that I can do with it every single day. I've even started using the Calendar and planner to get more organized. My memory isn't the best in the world, so I figure this will help me remember stuff. If any reader has some suggestions for some good programs, please please please comment. I'd love to get some cool programs for it.

I still need to pickup Hot Shots Golf (sorry Quint, EG and others). I've been lax on gaming for the last week as I've had other stuff occupying my time. I still need to finish up God of War II and I have Devil May Cry 4 from Gamefly right now, and I still haven't opened Metal Gear Solid or Rainbow Six Vegas 2. I'm anxiously awaiting Knight and Jim's rosters for MLB08. Basically, my PS3, my PSP, and my 360 are all not speaking to me now. I've also got COD4 on the way as well.

The Cubs are horrid, but Fukudome seems to be doing really well. The Tigers have been bad as well. It's not been a good opening to the Baseball season for my two favorite teams.

Well that's all for now. I plan on posting a tribute to one Arthur Lange later today when I get time. Thanks for reading.


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