Thursday, April 17, 2008

Remembering a Legend

For those of you who read the blog regularly, you know that I'm a big fan of Opera. Yeah I know, that completely doesn't fit my personality and it completely shocks people when I tell them. A friend of mine bought me "Pavarotti Forever" the other day off ITunes and I've been listening to it non stop for two days when I'm not listening to Howard or Kidd Chris. Pavarotti has the most incredible voice and one of my biggest regrets is that I never got to see him live. He was one of those singers that you thought you'd always have a shot at seeing live, like Bon Scott and Jerry Garcia, but he passed over 7 months ago. There's nothing quite like hearing Pagliacci or Nessun Dorma Turandot as sung by Pavarotti. His voice just has so much range and power and is filled with so much emotion that you can't help but listen and can't help but be affected by the music. I'm warming up for the Knoxville Opera's production of Tosca tomorrow evening and I have to get my ear tuned back to Italian again.

Well that's all for now, as always thank for reading.

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