Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey? gross!

This Thanksgiving, several things are different.  Our whole family has gone vegetarian, and we're having dinner at my Dad's house.  Last year, we had to pick around the turkey and ham, but this year, Dad is fixing some of his famous meatless chili and a veggie lasagna for us!  Yay for Dad!

Last year, Dave mentioned that he wanted to eat turkey on Thanksgiving but he didn't and didn't regret not eating it.  This year, I thought I'd try making "turkey" out of seitan.

Seitan is pretty easy to make, I think.  You can buy it packaged and ready to fix for about $7/lb or buy the flour and make your own, which is what I do.  It's about $1/lb (cooked) then.  You make a dough out of the flour and then boil it for an hour.  I make it in my bread machine, so it's no trouble at all.

I let it cool a little and then ground it in my food processor with celery, and some stale pretzels.  Then I made instant stuffing mix and mixed it all together.  I scooped the mixture and put it in muffin tin and baked for 45 minutes.  While it baked, I made vegan "turkey" gravy.  

It's in the oven now.  I cannot wait to debut it by the dead carcass on the table.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Edited to add:

It was yummy and a huge success!!!

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