Sunday, November 21, 2010

Schick Hydro

I'm not one to post ads on the blog, but I feel like I must post about the new Schick Hydro.  I'm not a fan of electric razors and I'm admittedly the worst shaver in the world.   When it comes time for Andrew to shave all the time, I'm going to let him learn from his mom or from YouTube.  There's no way I'd take a second to teach him.  Since Gillette put out the mach years ago or whatever it was called, I've always used some form of that because it was the best shave I'd had.  Ashley found some sort of gift pack for the Schick Hydro for $9.99  at Target.  I was skeptical because  I've never thought Schick was anywhere near the quality of Gillette, but took a shot for $10.  I'm impressed and honestly, I think I'll go back and get a few more since the gift pack comes with gel, a razor, and a 5 pack of blades for $10.  The refills themselves are $10.99, so that makes this a heck of a deal.  If you're at a local Target, give it shot and see what you think.  Refills for my Fusion Power are around $15 for 4 blades, so I figure I'm saving a bit.

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