Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I sure hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving holiday.  We got to spend it with a lot of our family - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.


Yesterday, we had the honor of taking my grandmother back to her home in Virginia.  I decided to swing by the waterfall we found a few months ago.  It's really cool, because it is right beside the road.  You can drive by it or pull in and park and stick your feet in the water.  You can even drive over the bridge and look down onto the falls!  Lovely place!


On this particular morning, it was chilly and a little foggy.  We were bundled up in the car, with the heater on; my grandmother's dog safe and warm in her lap.  There is a little blind curve right before you get to the falls and there was a 2-3 month old puppy in the road.  Luckily, it was alive.  Luckily, it followed our car down to the parking area.  Luckily, I got out of the car to see if there was something I could do to help.  Luckily, she almost knocked me over, trying to cover me in sweet puppy slobbery kisses.


She is a beautiful dog.  She is very affectionate.  When I put her in the car, she behaved very well.  She craved human attention and whined until she got settled down.  We took her home and put her in our yard with a giant bowl of dog chow and our little dog, Duke. 


Now, I have to get on my soap box.  One of our dogs (Daisy) is a pit bull mix.  She was dropped off while she was pregnant.  Lucky for her, she was found and taken care of.  Her puppies were given homes.  She found her way to us and she has been loved and cherished for years.  Our other dog, Duke, was found and given to a vet's office.  The office took care of him until we adopted him.  I don't know if he was "dropped off" or lost.  He mostly behaves, but he is extremely skittish at times.  He is a corgi mix and almost always smiling.  I do NOT understand what gets into people's minds when they leave a pet out in the elements to fend for themselves.  I remember when I was pregnant; I couldn't do anything for myself.  I was miserable and fat and slow and hot and hungry and thirsty and sick.  If I had to chase my food down, I would have just starved.  I barely made it through the air conditioned grocery store without giving up! 


Knowing what I know about where these dogs were found, I'm going to stereotype.  I try not to do that often, but there isn't a way to sugar-coat it… some dumb-ass back woods red-necks thought that keeping a pet healthy was more trouble than it's worth.  So instead of going to the trouble of HAVING THEIR DOG SPAYED in the first place or even driving on up to the animal shelter and leaving them there where they can get a meal and a fighting chance, they thought it would be ok to LEAVE A PREGNANT DOG on the side of the road or a small puppy who is barely WEANED out in the cold. 


This sweet, sweet puppy looks like she might be a pit bull.  She doesn't have perfect markings.  Here's what I think: I think she belonged to a breeder and when she didn't sell, she was tossed out the when the car slowed down.  I could be wrong. 


I'm looking for a home for her.  And we'll take her to the vet and have her spayed.  If we don't find a home for her, we'll keep her.  Someday, we'll end up with another stray or two or three.  People don't seem to stop dumping them and we must have "sucker" written on our forehead in dogese or catese.  And one of these days, you'll get to read all about how I feel about breeders and people who participate in dog fights.... but I'm trying to stay calm today...

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