Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pictures from our house

This is what the kitchen cabinets looked like when we walked in.  This is what they look like now (ok, we've actually added nice, modern knobs and finished all of them)
More orange killed.  Death to the orange!  That orange shelf in the corner?  It's white now.  So beautiful!
Here's some lovely examples of the wall paper they have chosen.  And see that floor?  ugh!
One of the first things we did is update that bathroom.  White toilet and grey paint.  Tore the shower doors down and replaced with a bright, happy shower curtain.


Dave said...

Yay us!! You forgot Mackie and Nettie in the spending stuff. I can't wait to move in. Your excellent paint mixing skills and design choices paid off big time.

Jason said...

The place looks great guys! I know that I wish I had bought stock in Kilz when I bought my house.