Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Honda Chronicles

I went on Thursday to take my road test for my motorcycle license and passed rather easily.  For details of the test, check Daves Not Here later this morning.  I had a friend give me some lessons on the bike on Wednesday in a local parking lot.  I've ridden the scooter quite a bit, so the only issues I had with driving the Rebel was learning to change the clutch and the weight difference (the Rebel is much heavier).   The clutch stuff Yesterday (Friday), I was bound and determined to get some road experience.  I went to the parking lot of an old grocery store and learned some evasive techniques and stopping quickly.  To my surprise, my co-worker Mike (who's been teaching me a bit) asked if I wanted to drive it home.  I was still unsure of my abilities, but I gave it a shot and to my surprise, had zero problems.  The Rebel feels so much different than the scooter but it wasn't as big an adjustment as I thought it would be.  I then went on a couple of solo rides around the neighborhood and such and did just fine.  I then hopped on the bike and headed to Oak Ridge with a friend of mine and the trip went well (it was about a 45 mile round trip).  I'm sore this morning and used muscles I'm not sure I've ever used before, but had a blast and was as safe as possible.  This morning Ashley and I are going to try to ride for a good portion of the day.   I'll be sure and post how that goes later.

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