Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Mac Stuff

First of all, I love my MAC. I must thank my blogmate Jason for the
recommendation, as well as Dave Randall that I work with for countless
help. Also, I must thank Chris Zimmerman. That man is 4'10 and 230
lbs of awesome. I can't tell you how many questions they've all
answered for me. As of right now, I think I have things set all up
and ready to go. I'd love to buy some more RAM and a bit bigger hard
drive, but those will wait till later.

I also setup a MobileMe Account earlier today on a trial basis. I
love quite a few of the features, but I feel it's hard to justify $99
a year. Maybe something will pop out and just "wow" me, or maybe
Apple will have a sale, but for now I just don't see enough to justify
a Franklin a year for the service.

As for individual programs, I'll give a few impressions below

Tweetie-Love it on the IPhone and on the mac as well. Well written and
easy to use

Transmission- I loved UTorrent on the PC, but I think Transmission has
even it beat. So easy to use

Handbrake- Complete and total shit on the PC, but gold on the mac. I
could never get the PC version to work, but the Mac Version works like
a charm.

If anyone has any more recommendations, I'd love to hear them. I
heart my Mac. I don't think I'll ever go back. I'm totally drinking
the Kool Aid

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Jason said...

If you have any movie torrents downloaded on the mac, you can stream them wirelessly to your Xbox360 with a cool program called Connect 360. It lets you stream movies, music, and photos to the 360. It really sticks it to Microsoft and their whole demands that it be a Media Center PC.