Friday, April 9, 2010

Kidd Chris in more hot water?

On Thursday's show there was a discussion of bleaching money to create counterfeit bills which done in jest and part of stunt week.  Well according to this report, The Secret Service went into KUFO and shut down the show after Kidd Chris and crew were bleaching a dollar bill.  Kidd Chris was off the air this morning and more details are set to be released Monday.  Is this a part of Stunt week or no?  I do remember earlier in the week that Lenny and "Holy" Foley were moving to Portland and I'd guess Chris was given the day off to help with that.  The story's been picked up by USA Today and other sources, so it's looking to be true.  Once the Secret Service told the show to stop, they obliged and the Secret Service says there won't be any charges filed.

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