Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wasting time

I am so blessed with a wonderful son and husband. To be born and raised in East Tennessee is better than winning the lottery and is training for when I die and go to Heaven. We're closing on my dream house tomorrow. After years of searching, last summer, I got my dream job. That's where I'm at now. Yeah, it's that good!
So I read a lot of blogs. You probably do too, that's why you're reading this. I often see things that are meant to be motivational but usually just make me feel inadequate. I waste a lot of time on the computer at work. I sit at work and read tips on how to accomplish more *at work* and they never apply to me. Not because I'm lazy but because I'm a receptionist. The things I accomplish are exactly all I can accomplish at work. I don't Deskercise because I don't want a visitor to come upon me while I am doing pushups on the Front Desk. I don't pretend that I know more than I do, or that I'm busier than I am. I also don't polish my nails or stare out the window. 

Then I get home. My son misses me and wants all my attention (so does my dog and one of the cats). I just want to take my shoes off and get into my comfy clothes. So I hug my son, face-hug the dog and give her some baby-talk and pat the cat on the head. Then I close the door to my bedroom "for 5-minutes".

A half hour later, I emerge from the cave a new Ashley and make my way to the kitchen. After two hours reading cooking blogs, you'd think I would find inspiration and whip up a nutritious dinner full of flavor that costs $1.57 and have leftovers for lunch. But the siren call of the frozen pizza is strong and I am weak. So I pull dinner out of the plastic and add all kinds of veggies to it (so I don't feel so guilty about feeding it to my growing son, and make sure he takes his vitamin) and put it in the toaster oven for 20 minutes. Then I play some Bejeweled or some Plants vs. Zombies until the timer goes off or I smell burning crust.

Luckily, the sun is still out a little, so I think, "hmm, after dinner, let's do something fun". But my gimpy leg starts whispering, "Yeah, that's not a good idea" and I remember the 34 books I checked out from the library and feel guilty because I haven't even looked at them, much less read any. So I plop down on the sofa after dinner and crack open a library book until it's time for my son to go to bed. I tuck him in and say prayers and kiss him goodnight. Then the dog gets another face-hug.

I go back to the cave and wonder where the day went. After a little more reading and "one more" game of Bejeweled, I turn off the lights and promise that tomorrow will be different.

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Jim Schmaltz said...

This is Barb- now that it is a done deal- I want to see pictures of the new house!!!!!!