Thursday, March 4, 2010

People were Outraged

"People were outraged"

There's a guy on another station in town called Kidd Chris, He's the least entertaining, least funny person you ever heard, in fact, he's terrible"  A new low, a plunge into depravity.  A sad commentary on our degenerating culture.  A disgusting, repulsive, grotesque spectacle. ARE YOU READY?  It's time to play the game. 

I'm glad Portland is finally getting the "great" opening to the show.   Portland seems to be coming along and realizing the true talent they have in the morning.  The calls have gotten much better and the show is rocking.  Portland is hearing some great bits (Larry from High School, The FHM AIM interview, and others). It was also good to see a "Spike" in the ratings Friday morning with the Friday Guest.  I'm not sure why we're getting to hear some talent from WYSP (Lurch and Spike), but it's good to hear the old gang show up from time to time.

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