Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Last weekend update

As you already know, we got married last week.  True to ourselves, we spent our honeymoon looking for a great bargain during half-price weekend.....

Our Honeymoon trip included 
pajama pants
6 pairs of pants
2 jeans
4 shirts
a much needed bread slicer
a cool popcorn popper
Sewing machine
1 sheet
1 blanket

It also included a night in the "luxurious" Crowne Plaza.  It was a disappointment to both of us.  The walls were paper-thin, the view was awful, the room was "meh".  No premium channels, either.  What?!  That's right, you read that... no premium channels... !  I don't think I've ever been in a hotel that didn't have free HBO or Sho!    We had to pay for parking (thanks for looking out for your guests!) and our breakfast wasn't even gratis!  I think we would have been happier at The Red Roof Inn!  
That's what I thought of it.  I was NOT impressed with the room or the way we were treated at this fancy-scmhancy hotel.  

And our total for the shopping?  $27.26 


Jim Schmaltz said...

Dave- It was your HONEYMOON- you should not even know there was a TV in the room!!!!!! ;) Barb

Pete Anderson said...

That's a helluva bargain for all that shopping! Congrats to both of you!!!