Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I make Bloggings

Hello all! This is my first posting to the blog and I thought I'd take a few minutes to introduce myself to let you know what to expect. As Dave said, I'm a gamer; but a bit on the casual side. I'm trying to improve on that since getting a 360. Previously, we had a Wii, but a burglary last fall relieved us of it.
In addition to gaming, I'm also into comics, movies, and other geek pastimes. So, you'll be getting plenty of reviews from that front too.
Finally, another thing you'll get from me are day-to-day observations and detailed accounts of some of the bizarre incidents I have, or encounters I have with people. That being said....
Sunday morning I read what was quite possibly one of the greatest sentences in the history of the English language.

"After years of complaints about flocks of vultures vomiting onto playgrounds and houses, Greeneville is trying a new approach to scare them off."

After that, I expected to read about the intricate, Rube-Goldberg device that turns a seemingly innocuous slide into a catapult for birds of prey. Instead, Park officials are hanging carcasses of the animals from trees to frighten away the offending animals. Somehow, rotting animal carcasses are considered a welcomed alternative to live, vomiting birds. The solution seems to be a bit outdated, even though it worked for pirates and cattle-rustlers.
I also couldn't help but think that the community missed out on a natural tourism cash cow. Think about it, what could bring more money? A free playground, or a pay-per-view performance of birds that throw up? This could have been their "Old Faithful"! The marketing potential is endless. They could put blank canvases on the ground and sell them like those elephant paintings at the zoo! That being said, if any additional stimulus funds become available, Greenville should be excluded. They had their chance. They blew it.

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Dave said...

Welcome to the blog man. Appreciate you coming on.