Friday, March 19, 2010

God of War III Impressions

I've played up to the first save point in GOW III and wanted to post a few quick impressions.  Keep in mind that the God of War series is my favorite series in gaming, so I'm a bit biased.

The Opening Titles were amazing and a great recap for the series. If you're going to make a game that costs as much as a movie, might as well make it open like a movie.

Whoa.  Graphics are nothing short of phenomenal.  This is perhaps the best looking game I've ever played.   The environments and character detail are spectacular.

The Titans are truly epic and huge.  The design team did an amazing job on scaling them.

Controls are amazing and I love the fact that the buttons I need to press show up on screen in the same position they do on the controller for Quick Time Events

Magic has received a huge upgrade

I'm only about 10 minutes or so into the game, but thus far, I'm nothing short of amazed and sad at the same time.  This is the last of the trilogy and it saddens me a bit that this is the last time perhaps I'll be playing as Kratos.   I'm amazed at what Sony Santa Monica has been able to do graphic wise and gameplay wise.  It's nice to see David Jaffe's baby in good hands.

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