Sunday, February 21, 2010

This Week on the Kidd Chris Show

This is the first in hopefully a series (we'll see how that works out) of what's happening on the Kidd Chris Show.  I'm still getting up most every morning and listening live.  Here's the best of the week

Michaela's video on YouTube of her going nuts on her apartment.  I thought Michaela was pretty funny in Philly, but I feel the boys are taking him/her/it to a new level in Portland

The Return of Hit the Post.  It's a whole lot harder than it sounds huh?  I never quite mastered hitting the post when I was in radio

Is Kidd Chris Gay?  Thomas and Blake presented some pretty compelling arguments.

Connie isn't allowed to call Ricker anymore

The manifesto discussion

The callers are slowly starting to get better.  Congrats Portland, I think you're finally getting it!!

The Keven Federline interview and the shenanigans that led up to it.


You get a Birthday "Beat it"

Well that's all for this week.  As a reminder, listen to Kidd Chris live on and watch the Kidd Chris Postgame interviews on the site as well.

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