Thursday, February 18, 2010

Finished up Bioshock 2

I just finished up Bioshock 2 and I really feel that the story redeemed itself in some ways.  Immediately after the battle with the two ************, it became interesting all of a sudden.  For the record, I saved all the little sisters and got the good ending.  I hate to nitpick, but there was little to no emotion in that ending.  When I saved all the little sisters in Bioshock 1, the ending was very emotional.   I have to hope we see Bioshock 3, and I'm hoping that Tenenbaum plays a much larger role in the 3rd one.  I felt she was a bit overused in Bioshock 1, and underused in the sequel.

As I said, I won't offer up a review, but I will recommend another trip to Rapture in any form.  The sequel wasn't quite as awe inspiring and ground breaking as the first game, but it's a great game on it's own nonetheless.

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