Friday, February 5, 2010

A Few Kidd Chris Quickshots

First of all, Cedric is amazing.  Great find by the guys.  I look forward to many more appearances by Cedric.

Second, a message to the Portland Callers
The callers are awful.  Just because you call in doesn't mean you get stuff.  You're dealing with the greatest Radio duo since Opie and Anthony.  Realize the greatness that you are blessed with and do better.  Call in and bust on the guys and help develop the show.  The callers and characters on the show help make the show better.

Lavendar, Slacks, Happy Face, and some of the other new additions rock!!

I love the whole "waiting for something badass to happen".  I hope that's on a tee shirt soon enough.

The show has been amazing.  I hope it continues to rock.

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