Sunday, January 31, 2010

M.A.G Impressions

I went Friday before all this Snow hit (yeah right) and rented MAG, Sony and Zipper's New 256 player online extravaganza.  To say the least, I'm not impressed.  The controls are clunky, it takes too long to respawn, the graphics are subpar, and the gameplay is muddled to say the least.  I played for an hour on Friday just so I could post a few impressions, and frankly, the whole time I was playing, I was wishing I could play Call of Duty instead.  I'm not sure what Sony's infatuations with "online only" shooters is, but I hope it stops soon enough.  This game as it stands right now is not worth $30, much less the $59.99 asking price.  After patches and such it might get better, but there are far better shooters coming out soon enough that will push this one to the backburner.  If you're interested in it, then give it a rental, but if not, then skip it.  I think MAG means Moderately Awful Game, but that might just be me.

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