Sunday, January 24, 2010

iVideoCamera App Review

Until this app, I was envious of my friends with IPhone 3Gs.  They had a video camera and I did not.  Well that's all changed now. I was looking at the App store yesterday and saw this one at #1 and figured I'd blow a dollar even if it wasn't up to snuff.   For just 99 cents (yep the same price as those horrid mcdoubles at McDonalds), I now have the ability to shoot video with my IPhone 3G.  The video isn't great quality, but when is cell phone video high quality?  I simply cannot believe that Apple hasn't locked down the ability to do this for all users, but then again, it is one of the only upsides to the 3Gs at least to me.  You can upload video to a variety of sites (It seems that Facebook doesn't work, but it's promised in a later update), but I did create a YouTube account and uploaded 3 Videos to it and they are easily viewable by anyone who goes to the page.  I also used the email to blog feature and it works flawlessly.  This app does everything it advertises for the low price of $.99.  I'd recommend it for anyone. 

Rating 5/5

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