Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ashley's Tip of the Day?

Ok, I must also apologize. Working, cooking, cleaning, buying a house, and planning a wedding is no excuse for not blogging. I think I’m better at the Facebook thing, because most of my wisdom comes better in small doses!

So, I’m putting the task of coming up with tips to YOU! Yes, dear werenothere fans, it’s time for you to share your tips! What’s in it for you? Well, for every tip that we get from now until we close on our house, we will plant a tree. Leave a tip (or two or a hundred) in the comment section or email us and we will post them on the main blog.

There are no rules for the type of tip, but keep it family-friendly. Just think of something that you do to make your life easier. It could be a great recipe, a better mousetrap, a coupon code. We're not here and we're not picky!

So in advance, thank you for your assistance!  Email your tips to or  We'll be looking forward to them.  

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