Thursday, April 2, 2009

Life on Mars (the Series Finale)

What an episode to close out a great series.  For the record, I'm still not on speaking terms with ABC (due to the cancellation of Life on Mars and the cancellation of Dirty Sexy Money).  So it turns out that the term "spaceman" throughout the series wasn't a reference Ray Carling called Sam Tyler because of his mental state, he actually was a spaceman and so was Annie, Ray, Chris, and Lt. Hunt (Major Tom).  It was all a dream during a long nap on a trip to Mars.  It didn't turn out the way I expected, but I am pleased with the ending and I'm pleased that we saw an actual ending instead of just an abrupt cancellation.  I plan on watching the whole 17 episode run again just to pick up on the Spaceman clues and other assorted astronaut jargon.  I loved the scenes with Annie (both 1973, present day, and future Annie), and the wrapup with young Sam and his (alleged) father.  I'll admit I came a bit close to tearing up when Sam was reading Gulliver's Travels to Annie at some point in the future.  

As I've said before, this was one great series and it's a shame that hardly anyone watched it thanks to it being moved around and being put on hiatus for a while.  The show had an all star cast and great storylines and a great hook. Life on Mars did teach me one thing though, I will never watch another ABC show in it's first season and give it a chance due to the quick hook that ABC entertainment gives new shows.  Shows need time to develop an audience and it seems that ABC has zero interest in giving shows the time that they need to grow an audience.  I'll be picking up the DVD as soon as it's released in hopes that there are some goodies on the DVD that explain the series finale and some of the episodes more.  

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