Tuesday, April 7, 2009

24 UK Podcast

I simply must give a shout out to the fine folks over at the 24 UK podcast for their excellent coverage of 24.  http://24ukpodcast.net/ Keep in mind that the UK is a week behind the US in 24 so the weekly episodes will be for the week prior to the episode we're on here in the states.  They've had excellent interviews with present and former cast members (Tony, Bill Buchanan, Morris O'Brien, Karen Hayes, Charles Logan, and Martha Logan) and have many upcoming interviews as well with the folks in charge of the music, production, and set design of 24.  Search for it on ITunes and listen to the Tony Almaeda interview and I guarantee you'll be hooked.  Trig and Jamie do and excellent job on the production end of the podcast as well. 

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