Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Resident Evil 5 Reviews

It appears that Resident Evil 5 is getting glowing reviews all over the net.  What happened to all these folks on podcasts who bitched about the controls who are now giving the game 9's and 10's?  Any review that doesn't take off points for the utterly shit controls is completely wrong in my opinion.  I'm so tired of hearing "it's resident evil, deal with it. It's always been like this."   Nope, sorry.  Why is it that every other survival horror type game that has better controls gets rated lower?  I'm not quite sure I understand it.  I'll Gamefly Resident Evil, but I'm not buying it.  The controls just take away from the experience and ruin the game at least for me.   Game controls should enhance the game, not take away from it, and that's what Resident Evil did for me.

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Jim Schmaltz said...

I played the demo and while it was visually nice (nice audio, too), the controls sucked big time and it seems like they have foregone the real Resident Evil game play and have made a Left 4 Dead clone. "Look! The zombies are fast now! Cool, huh?"

Not for me. I like having those old shuffling zombies. The RE games were creepy, not simply jump-out-of-a-corner scary. At least it was something different. Now you have a game that is basically just another twitch-fest but is majorly hampered by fucked up controls.

BTW, get back to writing on you blog more often, you lazy bastard! I am tired of coming here with nothing new to see! :-)

Hope all is good, Dave.

Dave said...

Blame it on Jack Bauer. I've played little to no games since getting hooked on that fucking show ha. You're exactly on point as far as I'm concerned about the zombie's speed. At least make the controls fast enough to keep up with the zombies. I hadn't thought about that.