Tuesday, March 3, 2009

MLB09, 24, Yakuza

I've played about four games of MLB so far and I'm really impressed at the new franchise additions.  I started up a franchise just to test stuff out and I love the waiver stuff and having a 40 man roster sure does make Spring Training much easier.  I finally can play Spring Training the way it was intended to be played.  I still suck at hitting, and my pitching isn't that good either.  I need to learn patience.  I haven't tried online out yet, but I've heard it's horrid again from reading online impressions

I'm thru hour 8 in 24 the Game.  The game does have a few faults and the controls are a bit wonky, but the game is good enough and I love that it's broken down into 24 episodes.  I'd love to see a next gen version of a 24 game as well as a game based off the Unit, but I don't see either of those happening. 

I started a bit of Yakuza this morning and I like it alot.  I'd never played it before and this is yet another advantage to having a 60GB PS3 again.  I'd like to wait and see if Yakuza 3 is coming out over here, but if not, I can just import it from Japan for the PS3.  I need to do that for Baseball Spirits as well.

Expect more later today

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