Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wild West Guns App Review

Wild West Guns
Price $4.99
Developer Gameloft
Rating: 5/5 (must buy)

I'm a huge fan of Westerns and western shooter video games. Sunset Riders was one of the best western themed games ever, and heck I even bought Call of Juarez for 360. I'll pretty much buy any game that's western themed. Let's get this out of the way first, Wild West Guns is not only one of the best IPhone games that I've ever played, in fact, it's one of the best games that I've played period. It reminds me greatly of the old Sunset Riders or one of the old arcade shooters complete with light gun. This isn't the first "finger type" shooter we've seen on the IPhone, but it's hands down the best of all of them.
Opening Screen

Options Screen

There are quite a few missions and several difficulty levels to keep even the most avid gamer busy. The gameplay is simple, but addictive and difficult to master. Just tap the screen over enemies, sombreros, and deputy stars and they're as dead as Bad Bart at high noon. You get money for each item you take care of so to speak, but be careful because there are civilians as well as lawmen that you have to watch out for which take some of your money. The control is very simple and as always the touchscreen is very responsive resulting in few misses. I started out on the easy level and then moved my way up to the more difficult settings which are challenging to say the least.

Gameplay Screen

Bottom Line: This app hits the sweet spot as far as price is concerned for me ($5 and under) and is an excellent time waster, but be careful or you may end up wasting too much time and being late for an appointment. This game is so much fun and is hands down one of the best games on the App store. In other words, Gameloft has done it again. Pick this one up for sure as it's a great experience. Now that my index finger err trigger finger is rested, I'm off to play Wild West Guns again.

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