Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ugh Gamestop

So I stop by a different Gamestop than the one I normally go to on my way into work today to pick up the 24 game, and get hounded as per usual. By the way, GE represents Gamestop Employee

GE: Welcome to Gamestop, can I help you find anything
Me: I'm looking for the PS2 game "24".
GE: We have a used copy for $6.99 without instructions, cover art, and it looks like a goddamn dog chewed the fuck out it, but you'll save $.69 if you use your Edge Card. The New one is $14.99
Me: I'll take the new copy, thanks
GE: Is there anything you'd like to preorder while you're here? Halo Wars is coming out soon as well as Killzone 2, MLB, and Resident Evil.
Me: I already have MLB, Hawx, and Resistance 2 pre-ordered and pre-paid for at another store
GE: Oh which store is that? (obviously using the CIA training he received)
Me: None of your goddamn business, just ring my fucking game up so I can leave
GE: The reason I ask is we are opening at midnight for Killzone and will have tournaments for prizes and you can bring in any old games to trade in towards KZ2.
Me: I'll be asleep at midnight and like I said, it's already pre-ordered and pre-paid for at another Gamestop.
GE: Ok well, would you like to put the Gameplay Guarantee on the disc?
Me: Nope
GE: Are you sure, if the game gets scratched you can bring it back and get a new copy.
Me: I'll pass, this will be traded back in as soon as it's done
GE: We got some Wii Fits in this morning, do you need one? They're awesome
Me: first of all the words "Awesome" and "Wii" don't belong in the same sentence. The Wii is fucking garbage as is 99 percent of the software that's come out for it.
GE: Come on man, there's some great software headed out for the Wii and some that is already out
Me: Besides Metroid, Mario, and Zelda, what else?
GE: Uhh uhh uhh.
Me: You can't even come up with one title.
GE: That will be $XX.XX
Me: Thanks for the 20 minute "ring up" which should have taken :30

I detest Gamestop. The pre-order pushing and shitty trade values really get to me. I only go by there to pick something up that I can't get at Blockbuster or another store. A note to anyone from Gamestop who reads this, seriously stop with the fucking over oppressive sales associates. I come in to buy something not be hounded about pre-ordering Barbie's Horse Adventures 2.

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