Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kidd Chris on Stern tomorrow

Over on the underbelly board, it was mentioned that Kidd Chris will be on Howard Stern tomorrow.  My best guess is that he will be there to promote his upcoming performance at Bootlegger's in Philly. I haven't listened to Stern in ages, but I will be listening tomorrow.  I'd guess that Kidd Chris won't announce anything at all, but it will still be good to hear him on the radio again.  


salina said...

will you post a review pls, i dont have satelitte so not able to listen to stern

Dave said...

I'll do better than that. I'll try and send you the audio

SpyGuy925 said...

Hey bud, anyway u can send me the audio also??
Thanks in advance

SpyGuy925 said...

Hey buddy,
Is there anyway u can send me the Kidd Chris auido from today??
Thanks in advance!